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Job Description

The Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS) Recovery Coach is a member of a multidisciplinary team that provides rehabilitation and support services which: assist in treatment; provide education, support, and consultation to families; and provide crisis intervention under the clinical supervision of staff with professional degrees. Provides mentor and outreach services to clients with substance use disorder or needs. Provides peer counseling and support, drawing on common experiences as a peer, to validate clients’ experiences and to provide guidance and encouragement to clients to take responsibility and actively participate in their own recovery with a focus on substance use.

  • Schedule: Tuesday through Saturday 12 PM – 8 PM
  • Provides expertise and consultation from a mental health/substance use consumer perspective to the entire team concerning clients’ experiences on symptoms of mental illness, the effects and side-effects of medications, clients’ responses to and opinions of treatment and clients experiences of recovery.
  • Collaborates with the team to promote a team culture in which each clients’ point of view, experiences, and preferences are recognized, understood, and respected, and in which client self-determination and decision-making in treatment planning are maximized and supported.
  • Assists clients identify, understand, and combat stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and develop strategies to reduce self-stigma.
  • Assists other team members to identify and understand culture-wide stigma and discrimination against people with mental illness and develop strategies to eliminate stigma within the team.
  • Increases awareness of and support client participation in consumer self-help programs and consumer advocacy organizations that promote recovery.
  • Serves as the liaison between the team and consumer-run programs such as self-help groups and drop-in centers.
  • Organizes and leads individual and group social and recreational activities to help clients structure their time, increase social experiences, and provide opportunities to practice social skills.

Required Skills

  • Skills and competence to establish supportive trusting relationships with persons with severe and persistent mental illnesses and respect for client rights and personal preferences in treatment are essential. Valid driver’s license and access to personal vehicle required.
  • Bilingual skills and/or experience with multicultural populations preferred.

Required Experience

  • May have related training (e.g., certified occupational therapy assistant, home health care aide) or work experience (e.g.,teaching) and life experience. Must have a strong commitment to the right and ability of each person with a severe and persistent mental illness to live in normal community residences; work in market jobs; and have access to helpful, adequate, competent, and continuous supports and services.
  • Has experience with recovery from psychiatric disabilities.
  • High School Diploma required. Peer Specialist Certification preferred.

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