Current Opportunities


South Shore, Boston and Cape Cod

We pride ourselves on our innovative, client-driven approaches ensuring the highest quality of care. While we serve over 16,000 children, teens, and adults each year, there are still many who do not access care due to stigma and lack of awareness of resources.


Respite Registered Nurse-Weymouth, part or full time
Community Based, Registered Nurse
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Licensed Practical Nurse, full time and per diem opportunities available!

Residential Programs/Adults - Mental Health

Outreach Case Worker, Sun to Thurs (Sun 8a-4p, Mon 1p-9p, Tues 8a-4p, Wed 1p-9p, Thurs 8a-4p), Braintree, $17.25
Residential Rehabilitation Educator, Sun-Thurs, 3p-11p, Quincy, $15.00
Residential Rehabilitation Educator, Tues to Sat (Tues, Wed, Sat 830a-430p; Thurs & Fri 12p-8p, Randolph, $15.00
Outreach Caseworker, Braintree, $17.25!
Res Rehab Educator, Sat & Sun 9a-5p, Wed, Thurs & Fri 3p-11p, Randolph, $15.00
Residential Rehabilitation Educator, Fri-thru Mon, Fri, (2p-11p, Sat, 1p-11p, Sun, 2p-11p, Mon, 5p-11p), Weymouth, $15.00
Residential Rehabilitation Educator, PT (15 hrs), Sat, 9a-4p & Sun, 9a-5p, Quincy
Residential Rehabilitation Educator - Overnight, (30 hrs), Fri, Sat, Sun, 11p-9a Quincy, $13.50
Site Manager, Weymouth Location
Residential Rehabilitation Educator. Sun thru Thurs, 3p-11p, Randolph, $15.00
Residential Rehabilitation Coordinator, Sun thru Thurs (Sunday, Monday, Thursday 9-5 & Tuesday/Wednesday 12-8) Randolph $16.25
Residential Rehabilitation Coordinator, Sun, Mon & Tues 9a-5p; Wed & Thurs 12p-8p, Weymouth $16.25
Residential Rehabilitation Educator- Part- Time, (30 hrs/ Overnight ), Thurs, Fri, Sat, 11p-9a Randolph, $13.50
Residential Rehab Educator, Part-Time, 16 hours, Fridays & Saturdays 3p-11p, Quincy, $15.00
Residential Rehabilitation Educator, Sun- Thurs, 3p-11p, Quincy location, $15.00
Residential Rehabilitation Educator, Sun-Thurs, 3p-11p, Braintree location, $15.00
Residential Rehabilitation Educator (Tues thru Sat 3p-11p) Quincy, $15.00
Residential Rehabilitation Educator (Sun & Mon 3p-11; Tue thru Thu 9-5 or 10-6) Quincy $15
Residential Rehabilitation Educator - Overnight 30 hrs (Thu thru Sat 11p-9a) Quincy, $13.50
Residential Rehabilitation Educator (Tues thru Sat 3p-11p) Norwell, $15.00
Residential Rehabilitation Educator, Part-time 24 hrs (Fri & Sat 3p-11; Sun 9a-5p) Randolph, $15.00
Residential Rehabilitation Educator (Fri thru Mon 1p-11p) Randolph, $15.00
Residential Rehabilitation Educator, Part-time 6 hrs (Sunday 9a-3p) Weymouth, $15.00
Residential Rehabilitation Educator (Sun, Mon, Fri 1p-11p & Sat 9a-7p) Weymouth, $15.00
Recovery Coach (Sunday through Thursday 12-8)

Clerical and Administrative

Central Registration Clerk-Insurance Specialist-Plymouth

Clinical/Social Work

E-ACCS Recovery Specialist
IHT Family Therapist - Boston, Quincy, Brockton, Plymouth Areas
Fee for Service, Outpatient Clinician (Adults)
Outpatient Clinician-Plymouth
Clinical Care Manager, Plymouth
Crisis Clinician - Salaried!
Psychologist for Psych Testing-Quincy
Community based, Adult Clinician - $1000 sign on bonus!
Outpatient Clinician-Marshfield
Crisis Clinician (Part Time)
Crisis Clinician - $1000 Sign on Bonus!
IHT Family Therapist - Plymouth, Quincy, Brockton, Boston areas
Hospital based, Crisis Clinician (part time- 16hrs/week)
Hospital Based Addiction Consult Clinician - part time, weekends
Staff Clinician - Day Treatment-Braintree
Music Therapist, Early Intervention
Hospital Based, Mental Health Clinician
Developmental Educator-Early Intervention
Social Worker-Early Intervention
Mental Health Clinician-Wareham outpatient clinic
DBT Clinician-Marshfield outpatient clinic
Clinician, Dialectical Behavior Therapist (DBT)

Home and Community Based Services

IHT Family Therapist - Boston area
IHT Family Therapist - Quincy area
IHT Family Therapist (full-time and part-time available) - Brockton area
IHT Family Therapist - Plymouth, Southeast area
Outreach/IHT Therapist (full-time or part-time) - Plymouth area
Outreach Therapist - Quincy area
Outreach Therapist - Boston area
Outreach Therapist (full-time and part-time available) - Brockton area
Therapeutic Training and Support Specialist - Plymouth area
Therapeutic Training and Support Specialist - Brockton area
Therapeutic Training and Support Specialist - Quincy area
Therapeutic Training and Support Specialist - Boston area
Therapeutic Mentor - Plymouth, Southeast area
Therapeutic Mentor - Brockton area
Therapeutic Mentor - Quincy area
Therapeutic Mentor - Boston area
School Based Therapist (full-time) - Randolph / Quincy area
Clinical Supervisor (salaried, full-time) IHT/Outreach - Quincy area


Clinical Intern Oppurtunity

Peer Specialists and Family Partners

Peer Support Specialist - Day Treatment
Peer to Peer Specialist - (26hr/week)
Respite Peer Specialist-Weymouth
Young Adult Peer Specialist-Braintree
ACCS Recovery Coach
ACCS Peer Specialist - 20hrs/week
ACCS Family Partner - Full time
Peer to Peer Specialist - per diem

Bachelor Level Opportunities

Respite Mental Health Worker, Overnights Weymouth
Emergency Triage Clinician - 36 hours per week (Sat and Sun 7am-7pm and Mon 7pm-7am)
Emergency Triage Clinician - per diem

Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS)

Housing Specialist, Mon-Fri, 8:30-4:30, Braintree Location, $17.23
ACCS Recovery Coach
ACCS Peer Specialist (20hrs/week)
Outreach Caseworker, Tues- Sat, (combination schedule 8a-4p and 1p-9p) Braintree, $17.25
Outreach Caseworker, Sun- Thurs (combination schedule, 8a-4p & 1p-9p) ,Braintree, $17.25
Community based, Adult Clinician
Community based, Substance Use Clinician - Salaried

Allied Health

Occupational Therapist, Early Intervention - Full and Part-Time available
Speech Language Pathologist, Early Intervention - Full and Part-time available
Physical Therapist, Early Intervention Full and Part-Time available

On-call/Per Diem/Relief

Residential Rehabilitation Educator/RELIEF STAFF, (Overnight, 11p-9a $13.50 ; Day-Evening Shifts, 3p-11p, $15.00)