Current Opportunities


South Shore, Boston and Cape Cod

We pride ourselves on our innovative, client-driven approaches ensuring the highest quality of care. While we serve over 16,000 children, teens, and adults each year, there are still many who do not access care due to stigma and lack of awareness of resources.

Community Based - Family/Child/Adolescent Services

In-Home Child and Family Therapist-Plymouth, $1,500 Sign-on Bonus
Therapeutic Training & Support-Brockton
Therapeutic Training & Support-Plymouth
Therapeutic Training & Support-Boston
Therapeutic Training & Support-Quincy
Therapeutic Mentor-Brockton
Therapeutic Mentor-Plymouth
Therapeutic Mentor-Boston
Therapeutic Mentor-Quincy
In-Home Child and Family Therapist-Brockton, $1,500 Sign-on Bonus
In-Home Child and Family Therapist-Braintree, $1,500 Sign-on Bonus
In-Home Child and Family Therapist-Boston, $1,500 Sign-on Bonus
Outreach Counselor - Quincy
Child and Family Outreach Therapist, Brockton
Outreach Counselor - Boston
Child and Family Outreach Therapist, Plymouth
Therapeutic Mentor, Plymouth
In Home Therapy, Family Therapist, New Increased Rate - Brockton area
CASEWORKERS, $20.00, Braintree, $1000 Sign on Bonus
CBH Child Clinician
In Home Therapy - Clinical Supervisor (Braintree)
Family Therapists-New Increased Rate
Outreach Caseworker, Braintree, (Tues- Sat) Braintree, $20.00, $1000 Sign on Bonus; $500 Map Sign on Bonus!
Therapeutic Training & Support Clinician (Quincy)

Respite Services

Mental Health Worker, Respite services, Overnights Thurs, Fri, Sat, 11pm-9am, Weymouth
Mobile Respite Case Worker
Peer Specialist, 20 hrs, Weymouth-New Rate

Integrated Health Care

Integrated Health Care Coordinator, Braintree
Integrated Health Care Coordinator, Plymouth $1,000 Sign-on bonus


Behavioral Health LPN opportunities $2,500 Sign-on Bonus, Quincy