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Job Description

Under the direction of the Director of Emergency Services, provides a broad range of clinical services designed to meet the needs of the chronically mentally ill. This includes psychopharmacological evaluation and treatment. Must be willing to meet with staff and/or consumers at a variety of SSMH sites and community locations. Is responsible for ensuring staff is compliant with all MAP regulations. Must be willing to conduct consumer orientated meetings in the community when necessary. Will ensure all staff attend and complete cultural competency training as well as attend live training events on special populations.

1-2 hours per day, 3-4 days per week; total of 4 hours.

May be combined with a position at our Community Outpatient Services program for a full time opportunity.

Required Skills

  • Extensive work/training (3-5 years) with clients with chronic mental illness
  • Must demonstrate thorough knowledge of psychopharmaco-therapeutics beyond generic nursing education
  • Cultural sensitivity

Required Experience

  • Masters in Psychiatric Nursing from an ANA accredited School of Nursing
  • Continuing education credits as required by the ANA certification of expanded role authorization
  • Licensure by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Nursing Registration as a RNPC
  • American Nursing Association Certification as a Clinical Specialist in Adult Nursing
  • Registration with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health in accordance with MGL C. 94C.
  • DEA # showing registration with the US Federal Drug Enforcement Administration

Position Type