I have a terrific colleague who started a mother and baby behavioral health service. Julie is wicked smart. She trained as a nurse, earned a doctorate, and became a midwife and nurse practitioner. She’s so smart, so good, so committed to moms who have experienced behavioral health issues.

Julie is so good that she recognizes that services are important if the woman is even thinking about becoming pregnant. It’s best to support moms or want-to-be-moms early. She builds confidence in women and reassures them, treats them, respects them. Her commitment to maternal and child health is outstanding.

At this time of year, I’m glad to be grateful for colleagues like Julie and so many more who sustain the quality of our organization.

Julie’s work in particular reminds me that children are also what I’m thankful for personally. My family is looking forward to a new grandchild in our arms next spring! I’ve already been a granddad for the best part of 12 years. Skye brought such joy and delight to my life and now I get to experience that again. There just aren’t words.

I’m also thankful that I have a chance to say through a blog, that I’m thankful to my friend in Colorado who has helped me wrangle my wandering voice for a number of years.

When I lived in the South, I learned the phrase of saying, “I’m blessed.” And I am. Truly.

By the colleagues who are astonishing. By my wife and children and grandchildren who bring light to my life. By friendships who deepen the dimensions of my life. And by the privilege of being a leader with a sense of purpose.

This is my version of a life worthwhile, and in this season of thanks, I wish for you all to experience your own version, of a life worthwhile and to give thanks for the people who are helping you to live it.

Happy Thanksgiving!