Another blossom has fallen. I woke this morning to the news of the death of Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef, writer, and television personality.

By suicide.

And again I feel compelled to say something. The truth is that many blossoms have fallen since my blog about Kate Spade just yesterday. It is too much.

These celebrity deaths coincide with a CDC report that suicide is on the increase in many states, which you can read about here.

States aren’t funding mental health services enough. Even in the very best, like Massachusetts, where I have seen clear and supportive political and policy leadership, core services like community clinics—the front line of care and cornerstone of the community mental health system—are underfunded. Two statewide surveys have shown this to be the truth.

These clinics shouldn’t be on the edge of a financial cliff when they are really life-savers. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death and one of only three that are on the rise rather than seeing a downturn in rates. We must turn that around.

Bourdain started his career in Massachusetts, in Provincetown on the Cape. Let’s not let his memory down.