We went to New Hampshire!

Now that we live in New England, it’s especially important to get the verbiage right. Not leaf peeking. Leaf peeping. We won’t make that mistake again.

The weather forecasters give gradations of colors and say where to go and when for maximum impression of grandeur. We followed directions carefully (not always our strong suit), which meant a three-hour drive on faith. What if they were wrong? What if we got there and everything was luscious shades of green?

We can get that in our backyard.

But they weren’t wrong, and the experience was everything we hoped for. The weather was cooler, the leaves had turned, and the vistas were bountiful God-given splendor. It’s that time of year when people drive three hours for that kind of thing. Totally worth the three-hour drive.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll go apple picking, because it’s that time of year too.

And it’s the time of year for one more thing. Elections. This year, in addition to local issues around the country, it’s the midterms—the midpoint of the presidential term. Everyone’s talking about it. It’s not the shades of gold and bronze and orange and russet on the trees, but the shades of red and blue in Congress that will shift.

I understand why people are talking about it. It’s dominating the news for good reason. And I can’t vote. I’m not a citizen, but I am a member of the society affected by the outcome of the elections. I can only hope that, after we’ve taken a three-hour drive, there will be color and beauty. I can’t influence the outcome with my vote, but I know people who can.

My hopes for the election are simple. They are not red hopes or blue hopes or autumnal leaf color hopes. They are human hopes.

  1. I hope children are safe. Where children have been separated, I hope they can be back safe with people who love them.
  2. I hope we hear stories. People have personal stories that are important, and I hope that the more we listen to individual stories, the better we’ll be together.
  3. I hope everybody gets a chance. Everybody deserves a chance, and I hope they get it, especially for decent health care and education.
  4. I hope love matters most of all. I hope we progress the idea that love matters no matter who you love.
  5. I hope true leaders rise up. I hope that we once again see leadership that embodies selflessness.

Perhaps it’s a bit romanticized, but I suspect a lot of people wish for these same simple colors. I may be frustrated that I can’t vote before the election, but no one should be frustrated that they haven’t voted after the election.